Readers Letter: More houses mean more flooding

Bridge Street floods  (w110818-18a)
Bridge Street floods (w110818-18a)

I noticed in a recent Worksop Guardian that an extensive enlargement to the current housing estate at Gateford is proposed.

The proposal will by definition cover a great deal of the land with buildings, roads and pavements, this will seriously increase the amount of run off of water when rain occurs. In 2007, the area around here was affected with the local water courses unable to cope.

Unless significant work is undertaken to address this problem, there is no doubt that many properties unaffected last time will be flooded.

I wish to know what the council is proposing to do or what it is requiring from the developers to address this potential disaster, as you are aware of the problem and do nothing, one can only assume the council accepts full financial liability for any losses incurred by the taxpayer’s of the affected areas.

In view of the recent disasters in the rest of England, I await your reply with interest.

D. Horton

Bridge Row, Carlton