Readers Letter: Let’s not be childish

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I don’t believe I know Mr Malcolm Holland of Ordsall who responded to my letter regarding Fracking with abuse and ridicule.

Why he would choose to do so I do not know. Maybe his politics are not my politics and he thought he could score points or maybe he is a friend of Bassetlaw’s MP and felt the need to write in his defence.

I make no secret of my dislike of our MP but base this on my contacts with him and my knowledge of his activities within Bassetlaw Labour Party. I certainly do not support his stance on Fracking and believe the introduction of this activity into our area, indeed our country, we will all live to regret. Hence my original letter.

Mr Holland is just plain wrong to assert there is no credible scientific evidence supporting resistance to this activity. There is ample evidence of the damage this activity has wrought in America and even the limited activity here. Many scientists much more learned than he and I have reported on these issues. He should read them.

To describe people who do not hold his view as evangelic environmentalists and predictions being based on ignorance and irrational prejudice is just abuse and serves to undermine any argument he may have.

The whole premise of my letter was to encourage people to look at the evidence that is available on the internet and elsewhere and for them to make up their own minds.

Lets have a grown up debate about a very serious issue rather than let it descend into the antics of the playground.

Mr P. Skelding

Common Road, Retford