Readers Letter: Are we getting a bowling alley?

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I have a question to ask Councillor Simon Greaves.

Has any further development taken place to do with the offer made to him from I don’t know who, but it looked like a fairground owner, maybe one of the Tubby family? As I overheard part of a conversation between Councillor Greaves and the man in question - quote: “This town could do with a ten pin bowling alley.” This happened on the 29th November 2013 in the White Lion opposite the town hall on the night the Christmas lights were switched on. I overheard the conversation as I was sat on the next table to Councillor Greaves and his friend and as I left I said to the man that I totally agreed with him. He replied saying that he would finance the project.

So, Councillor Greaves, has any development taken place yet, or will it go as water under the bridge?

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop