Reader’s Letter What will happen to our village now?

I am writing this email to voice my opinion about the Creswell swimming baths!

How can it all be sorted for the baths to close and what will Creswell do without the baths?
Our village, in my opinion, will go to pot. The baths have bought so much happiness to most people in and around Creswell. All those people will have to pay bus fare to Clowne now and what will the swimming cost be too? 
We are under-privileged anyway in Creswell! That’s why we have food banks or is that wrong too? We don’t have much at all to do in Creswell. How can it be shut down as quick when we were assured in the Worksop Guardian that it would not shut until the other baths at Clowne were built and ready for people to use, is that right? 
These figures don’t add up in my opinion. It says the council got a household response of 3,795 - how does that add up when 35,100 were sent out in the first place? Where do these figures come from anyway ?It says that 78.6 per cent of people strongly agreed with the proposal. I wish we could have a public ballot paper vote in and around Creswell. Have we been told what’s happening to the baths? There is a lot of people who did not know all the key points in the questionnaire in my opinion.

Big Tom

By email