Reader’s Letter: We should stop this wave of immigration

Bassetlaw Games awards night.  Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7r)
Bassetlaw Games awards night. Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7r)

We as parents are all worried whether our kids will be able to get a job locally that pays a decent wage.

Through bitter personal experience I can tell you that it has been almost impossible.

The local factories do have a very high amount of immigrant labour mainly from eastern Europe.

Indeed my own daughter has had very brief spells in them confirming the fact. Because of this pressure she had to go as far as Barnsley to find work and now Sheffield.

The Tory chancellor says he wants full employment yet they are happy to open the doors to even more people and countries to join the EU even though Bulgarians and Romanians can now live and work here.

In fact the FODSA website is now telling us that flights to Bucharest will start June 13th.

I suspect the planes returning here will be rather fuller than the ones going there...

But I remember a certain MP for Bassetlaw saying in 2011 in this very publication that free movement of labour across Europe should be stopped.

Funny how that same MP voted three times in Parliament for the Lisbon Treaty that enshrines the right to live and work anywhere in the EU.

I would be interested to hear that MP’s reply, but I bet we don’t get one...

Mike Hall