Reader’s Letter: We all need to work together for club

BEG - SPORT - 'Football action'AFC Fylde (white kit) take on Worksop Town FC (yellow kit) in the promotion play-off semi final, held at Kellamergh Park, Warton.
BEG - SPORT - 'Football action'AFC Fylde (white kit) take on Worksop Town FC (yellow kit) in the promotion play-off semi final, held at Kellamergh Park, Warton.

Worksop Town Football Club has been in existence since 1861, the fourth oldest football club in the World!

The football club has had more than it’s “up and downs” to contend with over the years, none more so than in its recent history.

What a long time a week is. The events that have unfolded in that time have left the loyal fan base of Worksop Town devastated.

As if the news that Chairman and benefactor, Jason Clark was to no longer prepared to “bankroll” the club, mainly due to the Vesuvius situation.

Following that news, it shortly became that aware that club officials acting on behalf of the interests of the club tended their resignation from the Northern Premier League, a League that Worksop were founder members of in 1968/69, and a League in which they have spent all but a few years in. During the time in the league the club has made many friends and allies and have become a respected club within the structure.

As news about the resignation from the league broke amongst fans, there was widespread condemnation of the decision. It became clearly apparent that the decision (by the majority of the board) certainly was against the wishes from the vast majority of supporters, and certainly hadn’t involved the fans for consultation!

Momentum has gained very quickly amongst the supporters to attempt to have the letter resignation rescinded citing that the decision is not the one of the great majority of fans and that in the very short time that elapsed, the clubs circumstances had changed. The club as ensured through negotiations that they’ll once again be playing at Sandy Lane next season, a generous five figure sum for sponsorship as been offered and a business plan is in place for the club to be self sustainable.

It has also become apparent (since the letter of resignation was handed in) that the uncertainties surrounding the Vesuvius planning as changed in a significantly positive way, add to that, the council have now offered their full support.

The very fact that a “major mistake” by a few people (acknowledged now by the same, that they were not, upon reflection, acting in the best interests of the club) was made, was, in my opinion, conceded no more, than when the long time secretary and board member of the football club handed his own resignation in very shortly after handing the clubs resignation in to the League!

The passion and love that the club as in so many peoples’ hearts was evident when, within 24 hours of being announced, around 150 people were in attendance to show their support of the club and hear what the clubs vision was for the future. Generations of supporters were in attendance, a show of the passion this club as in peoples lives.

It became clear that with hard work from both supporters and business’ that Worksop Town will pick itself up from this latest setback, and with a business plan in place, will be not only a football club that this town can be proud of, but a club that the Community of Bassetlaw can be involved with.

The vision of the club is that which includes not only football, but other sporting clubs in Bassetlaw.

Individuals and businesses can get themselves in various ways in helping the club, and in turn, the club have various plans in which to reciprocate their generosity.

So I ask that the Worksop Guardian act as the medium that helps Worksop Town reach out to the community and business’ of Bassetlaw in helping Worksop Town become a sustainable Community club, in which people can be proud!

Stuart Eyre

Gateford, Worksop