Reader’s Letter Train to Cleethorpes is a pleasure to ride

The phrase ‘use it or lose it’ could never be more appropriate than when referring to public transport. In particular the local rail network.
Recently, I caught a train from Retford Station to Cleethorpes.

Being on a Saturday, I was able to travel on the extremely scenic route via Gainsborough Central, Kirton Linsey and Brigg stations (for some reason the very convenient station at Gainsborough Central alongside Marshall’s Yard Shopping Centre, isn’t in use at any other time).
However, I was amazed at how few people were on the train (less than 20 passengers either left or boarded the train between Retford and Brigg).
Having a conversation with the conductor on the train, he told me that on some Saturdays less than 50 passengers have used this route into Cleethorpes, despite the seaside resort having its own station right alongside the pier. No lugging of heavy luggage for long distances or up any inclines, so convenient. Also, if you like an alcoholic drink or two, the train journey also provides a normal road user time away from the wheel of the car and a far more laid back and relaxed way to travel as well.
For less than £20, I had a great day out and I am sure you would too!

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree