Reader’s Letter: They chose this life!

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I totally agree with the mother of two, regards these low-life druggies and the drinkers who drink throughout the day, from the minute they get up to the minute they go to bed (that’s if they ever do!)

It’s no good these folk of Worksop praising these wasters for how great they are and how pleasant they are etc. These guys and gals have chosen to be like this, we haven’t told them to turn to drugs and ale, by no means!

I myself have had issues to deal with, but I had the help and support of a great family and friends. So come on Worksop, don’t feel soft on these low-life’s, they chose to be this way and there are people out there who give professional help for these people and if these low-life’s decide not to turn there lives around that’s their choice, so come on Worksop, let’s stick together on this!