Reader’s Letter: The origins of Hodthorpe’s name

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As your article “Bassetlaw was initially ruled by Danes” (Guardian, 4 April 2014) shows, immigration to our region from across the seas is nothing new - and has been going on for at least 1000 years.

And settlements ending in “-thorpe” do indeed indicate old Danish settlements.

However, according to the excellent Whitwell Local History Group’s website, the origins of the name Hodthorpe are much more recent - in fact from the late 1800’s. Local solicitor Henry Sweet Hodding, then residing at Harness Grove, Darfoulds (long, long before Lee Westwood lived there !!) sold land to the Shireoaks Colliery Company for the construction of miner’s houses. Initially known as Hoddingthorpe, over time this was shortened to Hodthorpe.

So while we may not be able to trace our village name all the way back to the Danegeld, our village has a proud and interesting pedigree nonetheless.

David Yaw



SW London