Reader’s Letter: Support our local teams

Worksop Town players thank the fans at the end of the season
Worksop Town players thank the fans at the end of the season

As a lifelong supporter of my local team, this season ended in disappointment in the play-off

I am still proud of the achievement this team gave the supporters through the season. We were all a little sceptical of what the season held after pre-season matches.

There is a good atmosphere among the supporters and some characters as well, also young followers which goes well for the club for the future. It is a fact that over the last year, 100,000 players have been lost to grassroots football this in face of all the millions pumped into the upper tier of football, local clubs need all the support they can get so give them the support . Look what has happened at Dinnington having to drop out of their league. This is not in isolation it is happening all over the country. I may go on a bit but I’m Worksop born and breed and have supported my local club all my life going with my father in the 50s. Seeing the changes in football over the years has in no way given me to change my thoughts, is it for the better - no!

Derek Bowskill