Reader’s Letter Remembering Worksop Town FC

A couple of weeks ago, I was interested to see, on the Retro pages, a photograph of Worksop Town football team. 
I think it was the team that played in the Sheffield Association League, as it included centre forward Dickie Everitt who played in that league up to about 1950.

From 1950 they played in the higher Midland League and I don’t think Dickie played for the team in that league.

I remember Worksop applying for a couple of years to get into the Midland League before, to the excitement of the supporters, being accepted. 
Worksop’s attendances were upwards of 1,500, possibly 2,000 at that time.

In their first match they played away to Mansfield Town.

Many coach loads of Worksop fans made the journey in great excitement on that August Saturday.

They came back even more excited as, amazingly they had witnessed a 6-1 win. I think Tony Swinscoe was the new centre forward. There was even a report in the News of the World the next day on the back page next to Sporting Sam saying : “Worksop Town, the team that shocked the football world more than 20 years ago by drawing 0-0 against the mighty

Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup, then later going into the oblivion, were re-admitted to the Midland League again yesterday.

They got off to a sensational start by beating Mansfield Town away 6-1, an amazing result.”

Don Saxton