Reader’s Letter: Pool closure rumour

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I have heard persistent rumours regarding the possible closure of Creswell swimming pool in favour of a new build in Clowne.

As Creswell is regarded as a deprived area would the closure be in the interest of its residents, I very much doubt it!

The bus service to Clowne is £2.40 per adult and £1.20 per child, same charge applies on their return. This would mean a family of two adults and two children, assuming current swimming charges are kept at the current price, an extortionate £25 plus? The closure would have a serious impact on those who currently use the pool for health reasons, this facility has been an important help for those people with their recovery and recuperation and would I assume have a serious impact on these people.

Built in 1924 by the Bolsover Colliery Company for the miners and their families, they have been a godsend to the residents of Creswell and indeed the surrounding villages. My mother who is almost as old as the baths, learnt to swim there, along with myself, my siblings and her grandchildren plus her great grandchildren. Indeed, I still use the pool five mornings a week along with other regulars. The pool is a friendly place with fantastic pleasant staff. I know of families who come from Worksop at the weekends for the £1 all swim, as they have told me. Where can you take kids for £1 these days?

It’s the only establishment Creswell has left and I feel the residents of the village and surrounding areas need to fight for the pool to remain open. It’s in our heritage and in our blood and I hope with people-power it still has a future in our village.

Mr K. Jones

Eyre Street, Creswell