Reader’s Letter Perhaps all is not lost for Worksop?

This week I made a visit to Worksop; whenever I travel up the M1 I always call into the town.

The reason for my frequent visits ? To buy several pounds of those amazingly tasty sausages from Birds the Butchers. To my knowledge they have been there for the past 60 years. I know everyone has a story of their favourite sausage but I would argue with the devil himself that Birds’ sausages and meats were the tastiest.

To my great horror, then disappointment I came upon a shop window dressed in widow’s weeds, closed, terminated, what a very sad day for me and for Worksop.

But on my walk to and from my car I passed (opposite the old Palais de Dance) a small Polish bakery and there I encountered the new generation of shop keepers, the young man who served me was very helpful, cheerful and most importantly sold me an extremely tasty loaf of Polish bread and the cakes I bought were pretty tasty too.

So all is not lost for Worksop and its passing trade. I was very disappointed about Birds closure but the new life being breathed into Worksop by this Polish bakery went a long way to cheering my spirits and ensuring, when on my travels, that a return visit to Worksop is essential.


Thirlmere Drive,

St Albans