Reader’s Letter: Perfect evening spoiled

Priory Church Worksop
Priory Church Worksop

Last Saturday evening I took part in a wonderful concert at the Worksop Priory. Afterwards my two lady passengers and I got in to my car to go home and the car started making very worrying noises.

I had been parked along the side of the road at the bottom of Memorial Avenue opposite the Priory. I pulled into the area in front of the priory and found out I had a very flat tyre.

After ringing my husband and then the breakdown service we waited. I was worried about my older passenger, though, as the evening was very cold so my other passenger rang her daughter to come and collect her so that she could get her car from home then pick my husband up from our home to bring him to the Priory. We only have one car. She then took my older passenger home.

Father Spicer was still around and he stayed with us until my husband arrived. The repair vehicle arrived and after a long struggle the spare wheel was put on. We eventually arrived home at 12.15am. Very cold, tired and hungry. I’m a type one diabetic and was not feeling well.

The next day my husband took the wheel to a garage to be mended and the puncture was not a nail as had been thought but the tyre had been slashed!

It hadn’t been noticed in the dark. It could not be repaired. This incident has cost us dearly. The man at the garage said that we were the second ones that day to come in with a slashed tyre from Memorial Avenue from Saturday evening.

This is Holy Week and I forgive the perpetrator but this, apart from the cost was very inconvenient, taxing and saddening. The police and Father Spicer have been informed.

A very big thank you to all who helped me out, especially my two passengers.

M. Edge