READER’S LETTER: Pensioners are too scared to go out at night in Worksop because of drink and drugs

Christmas shoppers in Worksop town centre
Christmas shoppers in Worksop town centre

Regarding cleaning the town centre in last week’s Worksop Guardian, it’s not just the town centre, it is everywhere.

People come out into parks, bus shelters, car parks, Central Avenue and Victoria Square. The problem is getting worse.

It’s a fact that pensioners who used to love to go to bingo are now too scared to go out at night.

Recently, a 94-year-old-lady had her hip broken as someone tried to get into her property.

There is no solution to this problem unless the do-gooders stop preaching for us to help. There’s a few genuine cases who need help, but most of them enjoy doing nothing all day, just taking drugs, drinking themselves stupid and causing problems.

The police know who these people are and are on first name terms instead of being firm with them.

Worksop used to be a lovely market town. There is no wonder people don’t come to it anymore. Trade is also spoilt by how bad the present situation is.

C. O. Sullivan

Newbury Mews, Worksop