Reader’s Letter Outrage at closure of baths

I am responding to your piece in the Worksop Guardian, page ten, regarding Creswell Leisure Centre.

I am not excited about the closure of the pool or the closure of the facility fully at all. I am along with most of the residents of Creswell, outraged! The questionnaire of which was supposedly sent to 37,000 households wasn’t even distributed to a lot of people in Creswell.

The questions, in my view, were misleading to say the least, and at no point was there a direct question of yes/no regarding the closure of the pool, unlike the council have stated. They said 78.6% gave a resounding YES. How, I don’t know as there was no Yes/No answers on it. A question worded ‘would you like to see improved leisure facilities?’ will of course get a positive response.

Creswell is already a deprived ex-mining village along with Whitwell and this is another facility we will lose. Clowne on the other hand seems to have everything.

I live just around the corner to the leisure centre and it’s always busy, used by hundreds of people - elderly people, schools, people from outside the village as far as Worksop and beyond also use it.

I contacted the council about my opinions and after a bit of persistence they did eventually reply. But they replied in a way that only a politician could understand.

Myself along with everyone I’ve spoken to feel this was a forgone conclusion.

Mr M. Walvin

By email