Reader’s Letter: Memories of Sandhill Lake

The tranquil waters of Sandhill Lake, Worksop
The tranquil waters of Sandhill Lake, Worksop

Sandhill Lake is an elongated stretch of water roughly 200 metres in length from east to west, at its deepest point about 15 feet.

Originally a working sand quarry we used to play in there as children during the war years when there was much less water. Our favourite dare was to jump off the cliff into the soft sand below. Two of the local lads tried to dismantle a mortar bomb down there with disastrous results. The cliff became dangerous in later years and was removed along with the iron railings and the hawthorn hedge. The landscaping and tree planting was carried out by Creswell Groundwork Trust who suggested I should wear a hard hat when they were planting saplings. “ Yet another silly elf n safety idea.” But they did some really good work. The wildflower seeding I did was not a great success because the local kids kept setting fire to the grassy areas but my two walnut trees will probably bear fruit long after I am gone. Of the water lilies I threw into the pond there is only one survivor but the bluebells I planted appear to be thriving. There is a good variety of wildlife down there including Kingfishers and snakes but sadly the water voles have been replaced by rats (Watter Rats).

There is so much more I could write on the subject but space is limited. Like many others I will follow with interest the plans of the council now they have acquired the funding.

Fred Foster

(via email)