Reader’s Letter Malcolm finally meets up with Hoppy’s

A few weeks ago the Worksop Guardian published my request for information about Hoppy’s Taxis which used to operate in Worksop and who ferried myself and my brother between Worksop College and the railway station in the 1950’s. 
I was delighted to receive a reply from Gail Hopkinson inviting me to meet with her and her husband Derek who was Hoppy’s son and had worked in his father’s taxi business for a while.

What a charming and interesting couple they are and they gave me the same warm welcome that I had received all those years ago from Derek’s parents. 
I was reminded how comfortable I found the soft and gentle local accent. 
We spent a pleasant morning looking at old photographs and piecing together our memories. It was as if we had known each other for years and we found that we had much in common in our interests and outlook. Amazingly, it seems a possibility that Derek may have even driven one of the taxis that had conveyed us to the station. It was wonderful to have made this connection from a tentative enquiry.

Malcolm Smith

Fordingbridge, Hants