Reader’s Letter: Heartfelt thanks

I would like to thank the pastor of the Oasis Community Centre, Steve Williams for the award presented to me for service to the community.

A special thank you to Councillor Griff Wynne who nominated me for the award and the kind words he said to me. I worked with Griff for many years when chairman of the Tenants and Residents Association of East Worksop. Never once did he say ‘No’ to my long list of requests, he was always their to help me, to foster the community spirit for the tenants and residents of East Worksop, something we did very successfully.

A thank you to County Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle who also spoke so kindly about our achievements, Glynn made it possible with the funding he got me to organise days out each years for the senior citizens of Larwood, middle Kilton, Rayton Spur and Bracebridge. After trying for months to get road crossings installed at the j unction of Sitwell Road, Plantation Hill and Bracebridge, I was over the moon when Glynn called me to say the council had given the ‘go ahead’ and they were installed.

The list is endless, without Griff and Glynn’s support it would not have been possible.

Brian Baxendale