Reader’s Letter: Changes in speed limit

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Speed limit changes on Kilton Hill, Blyth Road and Farmer’s Branch (the end of Thievesdale Lane).

It may come as a surprise to most people, as it did to me that the old 40 mph speed limits have been changed to 30 mph. This change took place at the end of April and according to NCC was implemented to improve road safety in that area.

Whilst I commend their efforts to improve safety on our roads, how is this supposed to improve safety if you do not inform the motorists that the change has taken place and that the road now has a 30mph speed limit?

During a quick drive along these roads (at 30 mph please), the only thing you may notice is that the 40 mph signs on the way into Worksop from Blyth have been replaced with 30 mph. Other than that, all other speed limit signs (some which have been there since 1973) have been removed from the Kilton Hill, Blyth Road and Farmers Branch sections of road, there is no new signage to inform motorists that changes have taken place.

Message to NCC:

As an organisation funded by the public, making changes to our road system on behalf of the public, please put up some signs to lets us know that you have changed things on our behalf, rather than letting the Road Safety Partnership write to us all individually charging £60 and three penalty points for the privilege.

To prevent problems with 30 mph speed limit changes the government introduced a sign specifically for this purpose, it states ‘new 30 mph speed limit in force’ and can be found here and can be displayed for up to 6 months. It comes under similar regulations as the ‘new road layout’ sign that you displayed next to the new roundabout on Kilton Road in case we didn’t notice it.

Law-abiding motorist

(via email)