READER LETTER: Recycling - Council is rubbish with rubbish

STOCK: Recycling.
STOCK: Recycling.

As reported in the Worksop Guardian last week (March 24), Bassetlaw has the worst recycling rates of any mainland district council (only beaten by the Isles of Scilly and three inner London boroughs).

When the UK has a target of recycling 50% of waste within the next four years, our council is managing to only recycle 19 per cent!

Truly, Bassetlaw Council, in my view, is rubbish with rubbish!

The council’s response is a very limited survey concentrating just on garden waste and asking us how much we are willing to pay to have it collected. Rather than charging us to collect it, the council should take it (along with other suitable material such as vegetable peelings and fruit peel), compost it and then sell it back to residents to fund the scheme.

Two other suggestions for the council. One is to collect glass bottles for recycling from homes at the same time they collect other recycling waste (as most other councils do). The other is to provide more recycling points for drinks cartons (there are only three across the whole district) and publicise them better.

Rather than yet another residents’ survey (a classic delaying tactic designed to put off taking any action), I suggest councillor Leigh visits the councils in the area around us and asks them how to do improve recycling in Bassetlaw. I am sure that within weeks she will have collected enough good ideas on what to do. We will then see if the council has the will to actually do something!

I will not hold my breath for action.

Leon Duveen


Bassetlaw and Sherwood Lib Dems