READER LETTER: Increase is turning trade away

The council is the gatekeeper of Worksop. I have traded in Bridge Street for 11 years and I can say without a doubt I have never heard so much bad and sometimes vile comments towards Bassetlaw District Council as I have regarding the parking charges increase. Any increase is madness for a town as small as ours and so near to Meadowhall. However, I feel the way the council has done this is beyond all reasoning. Have they looked at the feedback on the Worksop Guardian Facebook page? Castle Hill Car Park is now empty where as it was difficult to find a place at one time. This must be loosing the council revenue. Traders stopped parking there ages ago so these are shoppers who are turning away. As for Queen Street, I would never park there as its a haven for the kind of people we all try to avoid using the many services you fund for them. I am lucky not to rely on trade just from Worksop and when I see what other town councils are doing to encourage trade I struggle to understand the reasoning behind this move. I have a good business in Worksop but I feel for those who are finding it difficult when you are turning away shoppers. If I add this into the fact the council is stopping disabled parking in the lower part of town and placing them all on the upper end of town. I love the disabled getting to my shop, after all they spend money like all the others. How do they get to Boots and other shops further down in town now? If they need to park near a shop which you accept then how can they walk to the other end of town? Who dreams up these ideas? I would appreciate a response and some form of reasoning behind the council’s decision making. Disability comes in many forms and we all object to the non-disabled parking on Bridge Street. However the council is going to restrict the ability of these people to access some shops. I doubt Bassetlaw will change anything so in the mean time I will enjoy the vast increase in disabled customers I expect to be shopping in my shop. Looking forward to the council’s reply and any councillors who would like to add their comments now we are so near an election would be interesting.

David Hopkinson

(via email)