READER LETTER: Golden opportunity to make improvement

At a time of growing obesity and traffic congestion, cycling and walking short, local journeys must be made an easy, safe option, especially for our children to walk or cycle to school. But this takes money. Our MPs currently have a golden opportunity to make this happen. The Infrastructure Bill being debated by Parliament promises billions for roads but at the moment doesn’t prioritise walking and cycling. MPs can change this so that the Bill includes a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, like the national strategies we already have for roads and railways. That would mean a long-term vision to increase walking and cycling levels and a detailed investment plan of programmes and schemes. For example, safe walking and cycling paths along busy roads, safe routes to stations and giving towns and cities public spaces that people actually want to spend time in. I hope that local MPs will support the amendment and if anyone reading this feels as strongly as I do please visit to get involved and show your support.

John Harvey

By email