READER LETTER: Existing drugs laws need enforcing in prison and on our streets

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Our MP warns of legal high and drug usage in Ranby Prison. Yes that’s inside the prison, with suggestion of a new or higher perimeter fence to disrupt supply.

No mention of crime and punishment or jamming air borne drone radio frequencies and phone-signal jamming, all of which is easy to do and would disrupt the supply chain. Who is in control?

Bassetlaw councillors announce a war on town centre nuisances with new public space protection orders to cover shouting, swearing, nuisance, annoyance, alarm or distress.

Laws already exist to protect the public, it’s just a matter of enforcing them which council, police and now prison governors, in my view, appear reluctant to do. Certainly not at weekends, Bank Holidays or outside 9am to 5pm comfort zone. Our streets and pavements are blocked by vehicles parked on the pavement, which remains a criminal offence — enforcement zero, in fact council drivers and the police show no respect for this law in my opinion.

A further example of the abject failure of the council to enforce the law exists with the closure of the public toilets at Victoria Square and at the Priory Shopping Centre, both closed because council and the police would not enforce the existing laws.

Councillors have now granted retrospective planning permission for the CCTV cameras at Priory Shopping Centre. I suppose it never occurred to them to ask the landlord to reopen the public toilets there in exchange for not demanding the return of all parking fines that have been levied. Result? Worksop is the least likely place for shoppers to visit.

Forget the fixed-penalty fines they won’t get paid, you only have to read the Guardian to know there will be no follow up consequences. Just enforce the law and stop treating the tax-paying public as fools. If we cannot control inmates in prison and enforce the law will the next daft suggestion from councillors, MP, police and Grundi be to build a perimeter fence around Worksop?

Alec Thorpe

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