READER LETTER: Education - accentuate the positive

Trent Valley Academy, Gainsborough G130625-3a
Trent Valley Academy, Gainsborough G130625-3a

Rarely do I put pen to paper but I was very distressed to read the headlines of your paper two weeks ago (Thursday, January 28) ) regarding Gainsborough Academy. What do statements like that do for the morale and confidence of staff and pupils working at that school?

I would imagine the majority of pupils are hard working with supportive parents but by the law of averages (and from experience) there will always be a few pupils who need constant encouragement to follow the rules!

We must realise that Gainsborough is still in a selective area for secondary education and families have a choice of a number of secondary schools. Education in schools at the moment is constantly changing.

Staff must find it extremely difficult to keep pace with everything!

Praise and support for staff and pupils is what is needed in these challenging times so let’s be positive and encouraging - avoid the negative.

Joan Sanger