READER LETTER: Council deciding on Worksop chip shop’s future from its ‘ivory tower’

NWGU fish and chip shop   L>R Colin Barton, Kumari Nicola
NWGU fish and chip shop L>R Colin Barton, Kumari Nicola

I don’t know what is wrong with Bassetlaw District Council’s planning department regarding the row over planning permission for the chip shop owned by Colin Barton being able to serve into the early hours of the morning (the owner was told he would have to employ bouncers and install CCTV).

I hope it’s nothing trivial, or is it their idea of anti-social behaviour?

The council could not be bothered to come out of its ‘ivory tower’ to meet Mr Barton and the protestors during their recent action outside the town hall. Instead the council sent out what I feel was an ‘Aunt Sally’ to take the flack.

In my view this is a typical and cheap management ploy, sending someone who has not got the power to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ and does not even work in the planning department. This person was unable to even comment on the issue, simply writing down comments from protestors.

The planning rejection letter sent to Mr Barton was not even signed by its author and to add insult to injury has a statement on the bottom of the letter saying that as the planning department has made its decision it will not entertain any further discussion or meetings.

In my view this is sheer arrogance. So much for Mr Barton being advised by the chairman of the licensing committee that he has not appealed the decision.

Well, who would dare?

In my view, none of the reasons for rejection have been justified and even the police rejection is based on potential for what might happen.

What next? Will the police tell us not to drive our cars on a Bank Holiday Monday in case we have a crash. Total rubbish.

The response to Mr Barton by the planning department has no place in a democracy. I feel it is a response you would expect from a dictatorship.

Rotherham and Sheffield councils, which have city centre shops shutting down every day, would welcome Nicola and Colin with open arms to their city centre.

Bassetlaw Council’s SME department needs an apology from the planning department because closure will happen if planning permission is not granted.

Must Nicola and Colin, having paid their fine for a small mistake, be made to suffer for the rest of their lives?

I do not feel Bassetlaw District Council’s comment that every business is treated fairly is correct. Stop this ‘we know best’ attitude now.

Any comments from Nicola and Colin’s councillor would be most welcome as he/she was conspicuous in his/her absence.

Mr T. Haslam

By email (address supplied)