Procedures were not followed

I was as surprised as local South Parade resident, Mr Hunt that his petition had not been sent to me or to other councillors. It is a good job that we go out knocking on doors to listen to local people and hear their views and concerns.

Since my conversation with Mr Hunt and other local residents I have found out that the council’s policy for receiving petitions and responding to petitions had not been correctly followed. I have raised this matter with the chief executive and have sought assurances that this will not happen again. Most people believe that the signing of a petition is a suitable way of voicing an opinion. I agree. Therefore the council must appropriately consider a petition and give it the significance it deserves.

I agree with local residents that Tesco should never have been given permission to build on Clinton Maltings. What was a much valued green space is now an ugly black wasteland which attracts anti social and criminal behaviour. It saddens me that the site was given wholesale planning permission and its historic rights of way were simply ignored. This was done whilst the council was run by the Tories under Cllr Mike Quigley and before I became a councillor.

I’ve backed the campaign for the establishment of a legal right of way across the site and was involved in the collection of evidence for this. The decision on this is currently with the planning inspector and the outcome of this may throw a whole different light on this matter.

I understand that Tesco have attempted to close off the Carlton Road footpath as well but Bassetlaw Council intervened and were able to stop this from happening.

Cllr Jo White