Poor drains - more rain!

Today, Saturday 25th August, we were having a lot of rain and plenty of thunder with some flashes mixed in. However, this isn’t the concern that I’m writing about.

The concern is the recent new road surfacing in the Kilton area. As I previously mentioned, the people who did the road surfacing did a poor quality job. Drains being covered, lumps in the road and bare patches.

Well, I was watching the rain from my home and could see the water passing over no less than two drains as if the drains weren’t there. It was lucky that the drains in Osberton View’s carpark had not been blocked (because the surfacing there was done properly) or there would be a lake forming.

Years ago the UK had flash floods and even Worksop was hit, ending up with our town being flooded. Since then, I thought the council was meant to prevent floods, not block off drains preventing water from being moved elsewhere? Sure, I can accept that if there’s enough water at a high enough rate, then the drains can’t handle it, but the rain today is bad, but no where near flash flood worthiness, which means the drains should handle it. But if the drains are blocked off, what’s the result?

Here’s hoping that the council will rectify their mistakes. Oh wait, I doubt they will!

Simon White

(via email)