Politics and lies

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As a person who worked in mining for over 30 years I feel qualified to write about who did what to the mining industry.

For a start an elected MP Margaret Thatcher never took on the miners it was the NUM which took on Thatcher without a ballot of its members. The same Union which accepted penny’s in wage rises under past Labour Governments found its remaining members rewarded financially far more under a Conservative Government.

The facts are that more miners lost their jobs under Labour than under Thatcher. Labour also closed more local hospitals and our children have to travel further to attend schools because Labour also closed more

local schools. Under PM Jim Callaghan Labour landed the country with so much debt that we needed to go cap in hand for an IMF bail out. As they never seem to learn the next Labour Government left the country in so much debt that it will take generations to recover. They even allowed benefits to exceed the rewards of the average working person and would do the same again. They managed to dumb down education

standards to such an extent that combined with immigration, high benefit rewards and

the lack of a work ethic a generation will be left on the scrap heap. All in spite of the

fact that more people are in employment than at any other time in our history.

Alec Thorpe

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