Places to visit for volunteers

In response to Mr R. Carney, can I please encourage your readers to visit several organisations or their web-sites in this locality to access volunteering opportunities.

1. B.C.V.S in Worksop

2. O.D.E.F. In Ollerton

3. Rosewood User Involvement Centre in Ollerton

4. N. and S. C.V.S in Newark

5. Co- Production Project / Time banks

Nottinghamshire County Council; Bassetlaw District Council; Newark and District Council; National Health Service are funding/working with/supporting /hosting the above organisations in the community.

All of the above encourage/enable individuals to access education, volunteering, employment opportunities through community, self-help or peer-support services for the benefit of their local area.

Sustainable Social Enterprises may arise from this process to allow individual recipients to organise services to meet their own needs in their own locality and create work opportunities.

So if any one in this area wants to become involved, please feel free to ask and investigate the opportunities available through the organisations listed above.

They won’t survive without sustained capacity building and individuals becoming involved.

If you are not happy with the politicians blurb. What are you prepared to do about improving your community and services?

Examples are:- community gardens; D.I.Y. workshops; Art, Craft and Entertainment; Computing; Historical Societies etc.

Victor Meldrew

(via email)