Piffle by A. A. Grundi

Hi readers, I hope you all liked the Jackanory codswallop served up by Lord Grundi.

What planet is he living on and how many times does he grace us with his almighty presence?

Does he know what day it is on the first trial run by our council setting up the Super Bespoke market stalls on Bridge Street?

I (one of the so-called idle so-n-sos) followed one of Worksop’s finest fire appliances down Bridge Street and the workmen setting up the stalls had to move them back towards the Yorkshire Bank as they could not get through.

Let’s all hope the staff at Cypriana Cafe don’t have a major incident or the poor workers at TBF Solicitors would be toast if they had to move the stalls, let alone erect bollards at each end!

To me it seems this A. A. Grundi is very good at talking a load of bollards.

I for one just hope that he or his good lady never need any emergency services when the market is in full swing and the bollards are erected as the poor medics might not get to them on time!


(via email)

I’m the only one that tells it how it is around here. Everyone else is either illiterate or brainwashed with double-speak jargon.