Petrol ASDA be cheaper

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In response to recent letters on the variance in fuel prices between Worksop and Mansfield, the answer is simple, and can be explained in just one word - ASDA!

Mansfield has a super store driving prices down, and Worksop doesn’t, and that’s one huge benefit the town will miss out on because the development of their super store was shelved.

Tesco’s cynical pricing policy is fairly evident to anyone driving around, in that they will charge what they can get away with. It isn’t so long ago that they stopped showing roadside prices at their Chesterfield super store (another town that lacks ‘Asda Price’ competition) after complaints in the local press about the expense of filling up there.

Similarly in Clowne and Ollerton, Tesco supermarkets will charge what they can get away with for fuel. Yet their small (non-supermarket) filling station on the outskirts of Mansfield is cheaper than the lot of them - for the simple reason it has proper competition locally.