Petition is pointless

Please may I refer to John Mann’s column in your 2nd March edition?

Recently Mr Mann criticised me for not “doing my homework” but perhaps he ought to start doing his own in order to keep abreast of development.

Re: a Worksop Bus Station - At the meeting of Carlton Parish Council on 14th February 2012, Labour County Councillor Alan Rhodes informed the council that agreement had been reached at a Notts County Council meeting that very day that a bus station WAS DEFINITELY to be built in Worksop but he was unable to divulge the location.

Also, while with a group of county councillors on 15th February I was informed by Labour County Councillor for Mansfield North, Parry Tsimbirdis, that agreement had been reached the day before and Worksop was to have it’s “long awaited” bus station.

It is, therefore, a pointless exercise for Mr Mann to organise a petition on a matter that has already been agreed! Is he really struggling to fill his column?

May I also refer to Mr Mann’s and County Councillor Rhodes’ attack on the county council regarding the street lights along the A60 into Carlton?

The parish council has for many years been campaigning for road safety measures to be installed on that stretch of road.

Indeed, ever since Cllr Rhodes was elected he has been fighting for these measures on behalf of the parish council. He was, in fact, jubilant that after at least seven years NCC (still Labour) was ‘listening’ and were planning to put in place the best road safety measures possible.

He was thanked wholeheartedly for his support and efforts. However, now that the council that is actually installing the measures happens to be a Conservative one he is totally opposed to the scheme!

Carlton Parish Council goes out of its way to be totally non-political and I, as chairman, have prevented political comments from both Conservative and Labour members on occasions so I sincerely apologise for bringing politics into the parish arena but it is so blatant that I had to do so.

Cllr Barry Bowles


Carlton Parish Council