Pavements are for people

What is it with Worksop cyclists and motorists?

The cyclists seem to believe the pavement is theirs and woe betide it if you try to walk on it.

I’m not talking about the younger children but teenagers and adults, male and female!

Motorists seem to think it is OK to park half on/half off the pavement. Other motorists must not be inconvenienced. It doesn’t matter that there is no room for pedestrians, pushchairs or mobility scooters and they are not all making deliveries, which in any case does not give them the right to block the pavement.

Motorists are also guilty of parking on the grass verges in front of their house, turning these into muddy puddles. Other nearby local authorities have stopped this, with letters and threats of fines.

It is illegal to cycle on footpaths so what are our community police force doing? Speaking to schools would be a start.

I am fed up with having my coat scraped and being sworn at, merely because I believe my dog and I have the right to walk on the pavement. Where am I expected to shift to .........the road?


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