Outlook for 2014 is fearful

We are all equally worthy of government support in austere times. I know it is the government tricking me with the old maxim of setting us against each other in our struggles.

This policy of divide and rule rammed down our throats. Who is more worthy of help? Unemployed Vs workers; poor Vs working poor, old Vs young, sick Vs disabled, British-born vs immigrant.

From the DWP the language is one of sanctions, more hardship, more rules:-

Unemployed, disabled, then the working poor then ?

7.5% unemployment, 7.5% part-time employment, 4% zero hour contracts, 25 to 30% full-time contracts below living wage levels relying on food banks in ever increasing numbers under proposed austerity measures by politicians/political parties.

Why should the low-paid be demonized?

Fairyland does not exist politicians. There are no jobs available to take them out of being low paid. Whose turn is it next?

The army of working poor is getting bigger daily, relying on food banks etc and feeling more ostracised than ever before.

We can spend £100 billion plus on nuclear weapons.

We can allow £100 billion of unpaid tax liabilities by global corporations/individuals.

We can spend £100 billion on illegal wars. We can give £100 billion of aid/subsidies to countries more affluent than ourselves to grease the global wheels of business abroad.

Why can’t we support the low-paid, vulnerable adults and families in this fair land of ours?

Why has there been no investment in the infrastructure in this once great country in recent times?

Why has the billions of pounds of profits made in recent years been secreted away in secret tax havens by individuals and corporations with the approval and sanction of political parties?

Victor Meldrew

(via email)