Our bandstand is haven for ‘low lives’

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I read with interest your article about the splendid restoration of the bandstand in Langold Country Park.

Comment was made that the bandstand will be used by local community groups. Does this include the ‘local low life’ who seem hell bent on destroying what a magnificent facility that we have on our doorstep?

My wife and I walk our dog around the park and take with us plastic bags to collect the beer cans/bottles, crisp/cigarette packets, chip paper/cartons, plastic cups etc, etc and whatever our throwaway society disposes of.

Coming back to the bandstand some low life apparently pushed over one of the walls before the cement had set in its early stages of construction! Looking at the roof construction of simulated tiles, made from bitumised felt, it was obvious these would be a target for the local morons. And so it has proved since already some tiles have been ripped from the roof and torn up.

Also these low lives have taken it upon themselves to use it for their evening entertainment. A few days ago we cleared up glass beer bottles, one of which had been purposely smashed into the grass at the side of the bandstand.

On Friday (17th) we again collected several beer bottles. Sat (18th) we collected 12 plus beer cans and two boxer shorts, yes two boxer shorts! The mind boggles, not to mention a mega heap of dog poops!

Since electricity was laid to the bandstand it would seem the only solution would be to link in CCTV before the whole system falls into the disrepair from where it started,

Langold Lovers

(via email)