Only half the story John

Once again, our MP has posted and written a story that is designed to scare people by only giving half the details behind a change to one of the emergency services.

Today (Tuesday 17th July) John Mann posted on his website a story entitled “Devastation at East Midlands” which says that East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) is proposing to close many of its 70 ambulance stations across the region, including the ones in Worksop and Retford. He is quoted as saying “Lives will be put at constant risk. This is absolute madness. This announcement has been deliberately timed to coincide with the day the Parliament closes for the summer.”

What he doesn’t say is that, to save money EMAS, is changing how is runs its large fleet. Rather than have all the ambulance stations around the region, they are changing the model to run all the ambulances out of 13 hubs where the vehicles can be maintained and serviced.

What this doesn’t mean is that emergency ambulances will have to come from King’s Mill (our nearest hub). There will be 131 Tactical Deployment and Stand by Points across the region where emergency vehicles will be based which means that the paramedic will be there when we need them.

As I wrote in May after local Labour politicians distributed a scare mongering leaflet on these proposals, “It is right that all service providers, paid for by our taxes, review how best they provide that service to make sure we are getting the best value for our money. The East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS), which provides the service locally, should make every effort to make sure our money is spent wisely and carefully while making sure that the service they provide meets the standards laid down by the NHS. If this means how the service is to be delivered has to change then this should be welcomed and supported.

“What Labour doesn’t tell you is that when they were in power, the EMAS had one of the worst records of all the Ambulance Trusts. So instead of trying to scare voters about needed changes, Labour should be apologising for their appalling record on the ambulance service”

Rather than trying to scare us about these changes, John Mann should actually find out the facts, welcome a better service and the cost saving.

Leon Duveen

Campaign Manger

Bassetlaw & Sherwood Liberal Democrats