OAPs deserve much better

our MP votes for benefit rises in the House of Commons helping to create a ‘something for nothing’ culture and spending money we don’t have.

Now in the Worksop Guardian he supports a cap on benefits and offers up other money saving ideas!

I’m curious to know when his moment of enlightenment took place, perhaps when he realised that far more people in Worksop work for less than £15,000 per year than the £26,000 net cap (£35,000 gross) and yet still pay union fees, national insurance and their share of tax burden. It’s an insult to them that this situation has been allowed to develop.

All my working life, I’ve been a union member yet strange as it may seem, I’ve yet to hear an opinion from my union leader who bankrolls Labour on how they propose to lobby Government to ensure benefits do not exceed worker rewards for the majority of their members. Come to think of it, where were their voices against Gordon Brown when he raided/ruined private sector pensions?

Low paid workers understand far more about having more or less in their wage packets than someone on £68,000.

Our pensioners and people on small fixed incomes deserve better. They must now realise this Government is increasing personal tax allowances and restored the pensions earnings link raising the state pensions by far more than the derisory annual amounts they received under Labour.


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