Not happy with contradiction

It is now evident to readers of our local paper that Alec Thorpe is one of those Conservatives who seems to have a real difficulty with being contradicted.

On April 19th, he wrote that Thatcher didn’t take on the miners. Nowhere does he own up to why the miners struck, that it was to try to defend the vital coal industry that we, the public owned.

Alec Thorpe cannot bring himself to come clean over the plain fact that Thatcher had no electoral mandate to destroy our coal industry, using our tax revenue to do it.

Indeed this unprincipled authoritarian person was very careful not to ask the voters such a question!

Britain was the world leader in clean coal technology but Thatcher virtually abolished the vital research overnight. Thus Britain lost the much needed opportunity to greatly expand private sector manufacturing reports, for which there existed a huge market.

Skilled apprenticeships would be available (not shelf stacking reclassified) for our young people. Nottinghamshire would still have over 20 collieries instead of one. North Notts College would still have a mining department.

In last week’s Guardian, Alec Thorpe again insulted our intelligent readers with another of the laboured, pedestrian evasions with seem increasingly to be his limit.

Readers will note with a grim laughter, that he condemns the last government for not sufficiently restoring clean coal funding. Readers, who are intelligent people have already noticed the gaping hole in his ever more strident comments.

If it was wrong not to restore that clean coal funding then why does he still support Thatcher’s original abolition of it?

We now burn some 62 million tons of coal a year, 40 million ton is imported. The toxic consequence of Thatcher’s attack on the mines, for the United Kingdom is definably anti-British.

Guardian readers deserve better than Alec Thorpe’s tedious copying out of poses of party handouts.

Oh, and I’m still not a spokesperson for the Labour Party or indeed a Labour Councillor, just a local citizen who knows what’s going on!