Nostalgia for station

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I REMEMBER my mum, Mrs Alice Newstead was head porter at the train station and is pictured second from the right (Those Were The Days - 3rd August).

Second on the left was Dot Mallender, then Mrs Spacey and Mrs Phillips, who owned the cafe and whose husband was the station master.

I think the photo was taken in 1942 and remember my mum being dressed in her uniform (I am now 81). I always remember my mum loved her job and was kept on after the war and worked at the station until retirement. She was the only woman to carry on working there after the war.


I USED to live next door to Mr and Mrs Phillips on Welbeck Street in 1968 and remember having chats with them about the station. They were a lovely couple.


THE woman on the far left is my husband’s (Harold) mum and she is called Maggie Presswood.