No local ambulance station

I have just seen the article in this week’s Guardian regarding the proposed closure of the two local ambulance stations.

I see that the reason given is that many of the stations are already empty and in a poor condition (accompanied by a photo of the station in Gateford Road, which certainly does not look to be in poor condition!). Apparently EMAS plans to reduce the current total of 70 stations down to 12 ‘hub’ stations.

Our nearest station will now be in Sutton-in-Mansfield, therefore placing it closer to the new ‘super’ station in Nottingham city centre than either Worksop or Retford. Can we really believe that, in an emergency, an ambulance from that station is going to get from the other side of Mansfield to our area within the defined time limits?

Surely this is total illogical - Bassettlaw needs one dedicated to it’s own use. As usual this area of the county is being treated as the poor relation.

I can only hope the representatives (and residents) of Worksop and Retford and other parts of Bassettlaw will fight this proposal with all our strength and thus ensure Bassetlaw has its own local station.

Lindrick Lad

(via email)