No cars would improve plans

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I see my local councillor David Pressley has told us in the Worksop Guardian about the improvements to Bridge Street.

But he failed to mention the most important improvement to stop the constant flow of traffic down Bridge Street on non-market days. Most people use the town centre car park except the ‘blue badge brigade!’

Since ex-Councillor Dennis Wells and a few of his cronies challenged the council they all buckled and let him have his own way. Why on earth, as a life-long resident of Worksop he wanted to have traffic going down a pedestrianised zone is beyond me. Since he challenged the council, I have not seen him in the town centre, he probably doesn’t want to get run over by a blue badge car!

At the top of Bridge Street on both sides is a large sign which says Pedestrianised Zone, No Vehicles, are blue badged cars not classed as vehicles?

I use the town centre regularly and I see the same selfish people coming down the street in their blue badged cars and none of them are genuinely disabled. No wonder visitors from other towns don’t visit Worksop, because in their own towns they don’t have to dodge the traffic in a pedestrianised zone!

I know there are are genuine disabled people but they are very few and I myself have yet to see a genuine disabled person in Bridge Street except those on eco-scooters.

I think it is high time that the councillors got their fingers out and stopped the flow of traffic down Bridge Street or otherwise put the pavements back down on both sides of the street to give pedestrians somewhere safe to walk!


Leeds Road, Shireoaks