My feelings exactly Mr Drabble

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I would like to congratulate Mr Drabble whose letter appeared on 10th May thanking all the staff who was involved to the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Mr Drabble’s words of thanks are truly sincere, he has stolen the same sincere words I want to say in this letter regarding my illness.

I have nothing but praise for the whole staff who have been and are at present dealing with my medical problem with knowledge, kindness, patience and cleanliness which they show every minute of every day and night.

These workers are run off their feet and must be tired at the end of their shift but never complain.

I am writing this letter whilst recovering in the Coronary Care Unit in Bassetlaw, Worksop and want to thank all the staff who have dealt with me from day one, especially my daughter Deborah who incidentally was with me when I collapsed in the outpatients department and for the quick action received from the Cardiac Response Team. I’m very grateful.

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop