Memories of Portland choir

i expect you have had a lot of interest in the photo of the Portland Street Male Voice Choir (Those Were The Days 13th July), it bought back a lot of memories for me

My father was the secretary in those days. Also in the picture is my father-in-law and my Uncle Peter. If the date is correct, I was born six days later.

I went to the Portland Street Chapel Sunday School and I remember coming out of the schoolroom there and the men were waiting outside. The had their choir practice then.

Some of the men came from Creswell and Clowne and some originally came from Wales in the Depression. My father-in-law being one of them.

Front row L-R: 1. Lionel Chiltern, 2. unknown, 3. Fred Beglfitt, 4. unknown, 5. Robert Millns the conductor, 6. my father John Hodgkiss, 7. unknown, 8. my uncle John Peter Hall, 9. Noah Shuker.

Second row: 1. My father-in-law Edward Hayward, 2. Joe Streets?, 3. and 4. unknown, 5. Ken Lowe, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 unknown, 12 Harry Dunn.

Back row: 1-5 unknown 6, Joe Beeston, 7. Unknown, 8. Dick Streets, 9. Mr Hazelhurst.

My sister married Bruce Wright who was the grandson of Robert Millns.


Almond Grove, Worksop.