Meeting was just a fiasco

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another fiasco council budget meeting on Monday 5th March covered also by our own Guardian reporter.

Again I was forwarned by the chairman D. Chaliner once an Independent member, that I would be ordered out of the meeting if I spoke during the flack throwing between party members as happened at Retford’s council meeting on 13th February.

I asked the Labour Councillors not to put any parking charges on the Canch car park which after being resurfaced as in their wisdom they put a charge on the park due to the number of residents attending the Canch. The answer from D. Pressley (Labour) after a lot of jargon excuses was No! The same as all charges for car parking in Bassetlaw district going up. Also a refusal by Councillor V. Bowles that all councilors were to take a five percent cut in their allowances, this was also refused by our so called caring Labour Party members. Last but not least Councillor G. Evans who gave a written report on the budget, very well read but it was not her words, same as all the speeches they are composed by the officers whose sole occupation is the business in hand.

I hope Mrs Mann sat near to me observed all the flack throwing, when she’s canvassing for herself in Worksop.

GEOFF COE (Independent)

East Ward in May election