Make your own minds up on ambulances

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I have filled in the on-line consultation to the debate on the ambulance station issue but this was not before doing a bit of searching the internet.

This consultation is what has been happening in the West Midlands ambulance service and there are issues which they are trying to resolve which relates to ambulances being tied up at hospitals within the Staffordshire NHS but they are all in the West Midlands ambulance service not as before.

The difference with what the East Midlands ambulance service is doing and a statement in march 2011 by a spokesman for the trust of West Midlands service was as follows:-

In every market town in the county where there is currently an ambulance station it will either remain if deemed in the right place, if its not suitable we will find something suitable in the right place. He then goes on to say older buildings in the region will be updated where possible or replaced by one or more response posts this is the difference they look at keeping stations. They are still going to have what is called a hub. The other issue is look at the maps before and after and look at the concentration of the so-called posts south of Mansfield and those in the north of the county let down again. There are other issues of what happens when an ambulance has to travel to the hub at Mansfield for anything they say an ambulance will be despatched to cover. Alright in practice but in reality this does not always happen so then lives are at risk. I look at things with an open mind and do not need anybody to make my mind up no matter who they are like some who do it for point scoring hopefully the people of Bassetlaw will take interest in what is taking place and make their own minds up no matter which way.