Loss of memory or what by MP?

in last week’s issue of the Worksop Guardian our MP John Mann said he is calling a meeting with all the relevant agencies to see what can be done to combat alcoholism in Bassetlaw and what are the causes.

I would suggest that he racks his memory over the last 20 years. The successive governments have relaxed the licencing laws in this country to the point of nonexistent and he was a member of a government that did away with the majority of the licencing laws which gave us the opportunity to purchase alcohol nearly 24 hours a day. Do you not remember John or have you had a memory loss again? Could not this be the main reason of the problem that we have with alcoholism in Bassetlaw today?

What also successive governments have done by relaxing the licencing laws (and you were also part of it John) they have taken the discipline out of alcohol consumption.

Myself John, being in my seventh decade and I have consumed in that time probably more than my fair share of Stones Best Bitter and Carling Black Label. When I first started drinking alcohol the pubs closed at 10pm. If you were drunk on the street you were locked up for the night in the police station and brought before the magistrate the next morning for being drunk and disorderly but sadly this does not happen anymore! What happens now is the drunken yobs finish in hospital rather than a police cell.

Now walking through the streets of Worksop we have drunks with a can of strong lager in their hands causing mayhem on the streets. Is drunk and disorderly and consuming alcohol in a public place still a crime John ? I think you will find it is but when was the last time anybody was charged with these offences?

No amount of meetings with agencies will solve the problem John until you and your colleagues in Westminster put the discipline back in alcohol consumption and uphold the laws that we already have!

P.S: If you are buying John mine’s a gin and tonic, no ice. Merry Christmas!

ivor jones

Shireoaks Road, Shireoaks