Look after the poor

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I refer to the letter recently on the benefits system.

The recent tax changes gave an extra £100,000 a year to anyone earning £1m, while most people on low incomes, whether working or on benefits, with or without children, are worse off (by an average of £891 a year according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies).

I am sure Mr Rourke would much prefer to be working still, and in good health, and that if there were jobs available the vast majority of the unemployed would be glad to have one, despite the low wages usually offered.

One reason for the increase in welfare spending has been the bill for Working Tax Credits to ensure that those in work have enough to live on. However over 50 percent of the welfare budget is spent on pensioners, who so far have been fortunate enough to be protected from any cuts, while only three percent of the total supports the unemployed.

What kind of a society do we want to live in? Do we really want to see the poor and vulnerable targeted, with people dependent on food banks and inequality increasing?

Joy Paul

Low Street, Carlton