Long wait for bus station

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Viewing the proposed new bus station exhibited last week, nice design but what a pity it will take so long to come to use 2012- 2014.

Such is the pace in the slow lane of local authority bureaucracy, contrast this to the great achievements of the 19th centuary engineers, The Great Western railway (London-Bristol) compleated in four years with the copmplex bits designed and engineered by I. K. Brunel including the box tunnel , viaducts at Chippenham and Hanwell and the flat arched bridge over the Thames at Maidenhead all of which are in daily use 180 years later, but such is progress in this ‘modern age’. And this is only a bus station with an established design but the long suffering passingers will have to endure this and a further winter braving the elements on Hardy Street with its limited shelter and no seating.

The questionnaire at the exhibition which asked for our views on the facilities at Hardy Street with four options, the lowest being ‘very poor’ perhaps abysmal would be more appropriate!

Tom Colohan

(via email)