Litter is worse than dog mess!

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General litter is a much greater problem than dog poo which is biodegradable and fortunately disappears in a couple of weeks should inconsiderate owners fail to remove it.

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans and wrappers too numerous to mention are certainly NOT biodegradable and NEVER disappear and are a continuous environmental hazard causing injury to children, pets and wildlife. Half eaten takeaways are discarded carelessly without thought that they attract vermin and are a significant factor in the increase of the rat population. Rats carry disease, breed prolifically when well fed and are costly to remove when established.

Why is nothing said about this problem by Julie Leigh, Hayley Gallimore or Ben Green? Dog poo is a nuisance if it gets on your shoes Ben, but I would suggest that it is easy to avoid if you look where you are going whilst rat infestation is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid and carries a far greater risk to health and well being.

Litter is all around us and the people who drop it ought to know better - dogs don’t know better, they are doing what is natural. Is Julie Leigh going to encourage people to report litter louts to the council? Of course she isn’t! Neither she nor the general public would dare to confront the vandals, nor would council employees approach lager louts who throw their beer cans away because they would be in fear of their lives if they did.

It leads me to believe that the council prefers to ignore the litter problem and concentrate on dog poo because it is the easier option. Most dog owners are responsible citizens. Most litter louts are not.

To spray ‘Pick up or Pay up’ on pavements is a form of littering.

Mrs A. Thompson

The Green